3 verb
1 [intransitive and transitive] to become twice as big or twice as much, or to make something twice as big or twice as much
double in size/number/value etc
Within two years the company had doubled in size.
The church has doubled its membership in the last five years.
double the size/number/amount etc (of something)
A promise was given to double the number of police on duty.
2 [transitive] also double over/up to fold something in half:
Take a sheet of paper and double it over.
3 [intransitive]DSB to hit the ball far enough to get to second base in a game of baseball

double as somebody/something

phrasal verb
to have a second use, job, or purpose as a particular thing:
The school doubled as a hospital during the war.

double back

phrasal verb
to turn around and go back the way you have come:
The driver doubled back and headed for Howard Bay.
double back on yourself
We kept getting lost and having to double back on ourselves.

double up

phrasal verb
1 also double over to suddenly bend over at the waist because you are laughing so much or are in pain:
Emilio doubled over, grabbing his leg.
be doubled up/over with laughter/pain etc
Both the girls were doubled up with laughter.
2 to share something, especially a bedroom
double up with
You'll have to double up with Susie while your aunt is here.

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