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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfastballfast‧ball /ˈfɑːstbɔːl $ ˈfæstbɒːl/ noun [countable]  DSBa ball that is thrown very hard and quickly towards the batter in a game of baseball
Examples from the Corpus
fastballSabathia has a fastball in the high 90s and good command of a curveball and changeup.He added a cut fastball and a change-up to go with the fastball, slider and forkball that carried him earlier.Mark Wohlers has a howling fastball and a big body.But Leskanic brought a first-pitch, hit-me fastball down the pipe.Relies mostly on fastballs and the slider.Paige had long lost his overpowering fastball and could only throw sidearm, yet he had retained his remarkable control.Left fielder Mark Whiten reached out and poked a tailing fastball over the left-field wall in the second.