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flyfly2 ●●● S3 W3 noun (plural flies) [countable]  1 insectHBI a small flying insect with two wings There were flies buzzing all around us.2 trousers especially American English (also flies [plural] British English)DCC the part at the front of a pair of trousers which you can open He quickly did up his fly. Your flies are undone.3 somebody wouldn’t hurt/harm a fly4 be dying/dropping etc like flies5 a fly in the ointment6 be a fly on the wall7 there are no flies on somebody8 on the fly9 fishingDSO a hook that is made to look like a fly and is used for catching fish10 baseballDSB a fly ball
Examples from the Corpus
flyThe sun was very bright; flies and insects buzzed on the littered veranda.There might be bees, but there are clearly no flies on old Mel.Their heads were the size of flies and moved to and fro as they presumably spoke to one another.There are three ground pegging points at each bellend and one on either side of the fly.There was a moment of indecisive silence, then rising voices, then the flies again.The flies were swarming around the garbage cans.Real fishermen know how to tie flies and cast them so that they dance over the water.Your fly is unzipped.