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foulfoul2 verb  1 a) [transitive] if a sports player fouls another player, they do something that is not allowed by the rules b) DSB[intransitive, transitive] to hit a ball outside the limit of the playing area in baseball2 (also foul up) [transitive] formalDIRTY to make something very dirty, especially with waste rivers and lakes fouled almost beyond recovery by pollutants foul up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
foulThe oil spill has fouled at least four beaches.On average, most batters foul at least one ball in each at bat.He turned and hit a 3-point shot while being fouled by Bailey.She was singing aloud as she skipped when suddenly and unexpectedly her rope was fouled by something and nearly tripped her up.Most deaths are caused not by catastrophic accidents but by fouling from oil that is illegally but routinely discharged from ships.In Game 2, Williams played 26 minutes, fouled out and Robinson had 40 points.But Brent fouled out with 6: 11 left, depriving the Clippers a penetrator on their potential game-winning possession.Check that nothing can foul the moving parts.They fouled their corners and filled the hot room with their smells, and they frightened him with their incessant snarling.Hardaway was fouled trying to make a three-point shot.It fouled up the airline for five days until President Clinton stepped in.Late on there was an incident in on the edge of the Ipswich penalty area, can't remember who fouled who.