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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreboundre‧bound1 /rɪˈbaʊnd/ verb  1 [intransitive]HIT/BUMP INTO if a ball or other moving object rebounds, it moves quickly back away from something it has just hitricochetrebound off His shot on goal rebounded off the post.2 [intransitive]BFINCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT if prices, values etc rebound, they increase again after decreasing syn recover Share prices rebounded today after last week’s losses.3 [intransitive, transitive]DSB to catch a basketball after a player has tried but failed to get a point rebound on/upon somebody→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
reboundSummers caught the ball as it hit the wall and rebounded.We win playing a certain way, and you have to defend and rebound.He led the Eagles in scoring and rebounding for each of his four years.Although your skin might feel a bit taut after washing, the skin oils rebound in about the same time, too.Electrons move around quickly, hitting and then rebounding off each other.There is a process of segregation which can rebound on the marriage.When you factor in their offensive rebounding, they shot 70 percent.Springs shares fell as much as 1 1 / 8 before rebounding to 39 5 / 8, up 1 / 8.It ran over the cloth, hit the brass base of the lamp, rebounded, wavered, fell.rebound offThe ball rebounded off the wall and I caught it.