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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrikeoutstrike‧out /ˈstraɪkaʊt/ noun [countable]  DSBin baseball, an occasion when the batter is not allowed to try to hit the ball anymore, because he has three strikes
Examples from the Corpus
strikeoutHollandsworth has six hits and 11 strikeouts in 27 at-bats.His 21 errors were a tad high but not nearly as worrisome as his 127 strikeouts.Instead, Vaughn began by going 5-for-54 with 17 strikeouts, including an 0-for-27 spell.Perhaps the most agreed upon, and at the same time least understood, symbol is K for a strikeout.Does he need a home run so bad that he should risk the high probability of a strikeout?The letter S was not available for strikeout, having already been assigned to sacrifice.Eckersley got a popup and two strikeouts in the ninth after Jermaine Dye led off with a double.