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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_023_jbicyclebi‧cy‧cle1 /ˈbaɪsɪkəl/ ●●● W3 noun [countable]  bicycle.jpg TTBa vehicle with two wheels that you ride by pushing its pedals with your feet syn bike Can James ride a bicycle yet? exercise bikeCOLLOCATIONSverbsride a bicycleRiding a bicycle is very good exercise.get on/off a bicycleI got on my bicycle and cycled over to Rob’s house.push/wheel a bicycle (=walk beside it pushing it)She was wheeling her bicycle and talking to some friends.bicycle + NOUNa bicycle shop (also bicycle store American English)His dream was to own a bicycle shop.a bicycle rideThey went for a 50 km bicycle ride.a bicycle wheel/tyreMy front bicycle tyre is flat.a bicycle pump (=for putting more air in a tyre)Where’s the bicycle pump?a bicycle helmetIt’s safer to wear a bicycle helmet.a bicycle shed (=place for keeping bicycles in)He built a bicycle shed in the back yard. GRAMMAR: Patterns with bicycleYou say get on your bicycle: She got on her bicycle and rode away. You say get off your bicycle: I stopped and got off my bicycle. You say that someone is on a bicycle: I saw her out on her bicycle.You go somewhere by bicycle: Can you get to work by bicycle? Don’t say: Can you get to work with bicycle?
Examples from the Corpus
bicycleBritain still has a bicycle industry; frames and complete bicycles are manufactured here, though most of the components are imported.In learning a task, how to ride a bicycle, for example, one attends at first to every muscular movement.And so does riding a bicycle, with many protruding branches to track and avoid.All her bicycle needed was some regular use.I have this new house and a new bicycle.Then he came around the bend and saw the bicycle.Chastened, you pick up the bicycle and shuffle indoors, convinced you have ruined everything for good.ride ... bicycleIt's as simple as riding a bicycle.I could not even ride a bicycle, much less shoot baskets or play tennis.A man riding a bicycle stopped to ask what was the idea of all the green uniforms.Some people have cars and some ride bicycles and others walk.I didn't even know how to ride a bicycle, though as it happened I was soon forced to learn.In learning a task, how to ride a bicycle, for example, one attends at first to every muscular movement.Next couple of weeks, he was riding a bicycle.What fascinates me here is that the Government actually believes it can control who rides a bicycle and when.