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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuggybug‧gy /ˈbʌɡi/ noun (plural buggies) [countable]  1 British EnglishDHB a light folding chair on wheels that you push small children in syn pushchair, stroller American English2 TTBa light carriage pulled by a horse3 American EnglishDHB a small bed on wheels, that a baby lies in syn baby carriage, pram British English
Examples from the Corpus
buggyAnd his electrically-powered Sungift 400 buggy was nearly blown over every time a juggernaut roared by.Others roared over the sands in newly-designed Land Rovers, on revolutionary dune buggies and motor bikes.Rescue teams used everything from golf buggies to a sea king helicopter to search the area adjoining the golf course.He was found beneath his buggy.Both Head Huggers can be used in buggies, bouncing cradles and baby carriers too.And never be too proud to be seen riding in a little buggy like this, instead of a limousine.People appeared and thickened-walkers, riders, drivers of buggies and wagons.