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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchariotchar‧i‧ot /ˈtʃæriət/ noun [countable]  TTBa vehicle with two wheels pulled by a horse, used in ancient times in battles and races
Examples from the Corpus
chariotFrom 1904 to 1915, chariot races took the place of football.The Pump Wagon is heavily constructed and has the same basic profile as a chariot.A chariot moves at the speed of the creatures pulling it.He was thrown from his chariot and his horses tore him to pieces and devoured him.There also is a rocking chariot, which Brown recommends only to the strong of stomach.Enemy models attempting to fight against the chariot in hand-to-hand fighting always compare their weapon skill against that of the crew.Litany of the chariot as it moves on its runners, he wrote.It struck him dead, shattered the chariot, and made the maddened horses rush down into the sea.