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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrossbarcross‧bar /ˈkrɒsbɑː $ ˈkrɒːsbɑːr/ noun [countable]  1 TBa bar that joins two upright posts, especially two goalposts2 TTBthe metal bar between the seat and the handlebars on a man’s bicycle
Examples from the Corpus
crossbarLoi grabbed with both hands for a crossbar and clung on.A crossbar network connects the processors at 800Mbytes per second.Whitley's goalkeeper Brian Dickson, a chef for a hospital catering company, bubbled away underneath the flat, old-fashioned crossbars.Right then, a crank breaks and the rider lands with full weight on the frame crossbar, then crashes.I hit some crossbars, some posts.Beresford fed the ball in to Robert Lee, who turned and cracked a shot against the crossbar.Crusaders did have tough luck seconds before the final whistle when a desperation drive by Jim Gardiner bounced off the crossbar.Blissett took the ball from Howey, then exploded a right-foot volley that Wright somehow juggled over the crossbar.