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cyclecycle2 ●●○ AWL verb  1 TTB[intransitive] especially British English to travel by bicycle syn bike American Englishcycle to/down/home etc Do you cycle to work?2 [intransitive, transitive] American English to go through a series of related events again and again, or to make something do this The water is cycled through the machine and reused.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
cycleThe parents who buy these bikes should take their offspring to the park to cycle.Brenda cycled along the lane towards Stowbridge that morning to meet Daddy in his new van.No matter how good things are, we cycle into difficult times.Cycling isn't only good for the environment - it's a great form of exercise too.I run, cycle, or walk at least three times a week.It took about 20 minutes for her to cycle the 5 miles to her home.I usually cycle through the park to get to school.cycle to/down/home etcHe dropped the gangplank over the stern and wheeled the motor cycle down.The dark red Seneca changed profile as the undercarriage cycled down.The pun fits all sorts of natural and unnatural phenomena, from lunar cycles to a nostalgic yearning to see Elvis again.The council then devotes the off year of its two-year budget cycle to long-term planning.Faults were being discovered, but too late in the cycle to prevent significant wastage.The local police had told the sergeant that Marek cycled to school every morning to keep fit and to save money.There is a predictable life cycle to the enjoyment of wealth by a particular sector as a result of technological gains.All with trials, heats, elimination rounds, in everything from cycling to yachting, boxing to synchronized swimming.