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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_121_eforkfork1 /fɔːk $ fɔːrk/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 cutlery.jpg DFUa tool you use for picking up and eating food, with a handle and three or four points Put the knives and forks on the table.2 DLGa garden tool used for digging, with a handle and three or four points pitchfork13 TTa place where a road, river, or tree divides into two parts, or one of the parts it divides into the north fork of the Sacramento river Take the left fork then go straight on.4 fork of lightning5 TTBone of the two metal bars between which the front wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle is fixed tuning fork
Examples from the Corpus
forkLift ginger with a fork on to the sugar and turn, coating well.If brining fatty birds such as goose and duck, puncture skin lightly with a fork.Maybe he'd never used a knife and fork.Remember that garden fork he borrowed?My friend puts down her fork and looks me in the eye.knives, forks, and spoonsthe middle fork of the Klamath RiverTurn left at the fork in the road.She walked a few feet and stabbed at the earth with the fork.knives and forksThere's no point in getting all the other decorative details perfect if your plates and knives and forks are all wrong.He would be setting her tray, looking for knives and forks, salt and pepper, plates to heat.Molly went on laying the table, placing knives and forks neatly as though her sanity depended on it.I ate off tiny silver plates, with silver knives and forks.Jessica had slammed a drawer open, was sorting knives and forks out, brittle, self-absorbed.Did you count the knives and forks and spoons?What would become of the knives and forks, who would want to buy them?Many seemed not to know what the knives and forks were for and took the napkins for handkerchiefs.