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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoadgoad1 /ɡəʊd $ ɡoʊd/ verb [transitive]  1 CAUSEto make someone do something by annoying or encouraging them until they do itprovokegoad somebody into (doing) something Kathy goaded him into telling her what he had done.goad somebody on They goaded him on with insults.2 TTBto push animals ahead of you with a sharp stick→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
goadBut if he thought that he could goad a reaction out of her then he was sorely mistaken.He was simply doing this to goad her.No Irina Volkova to goad him with her arrogance and her interference.Each year Asbury tried to reach every state in order to goad his men and to supervise their work.These moves goad households and businesses into spending more on goods and services.He repeated it constantly, goading Rosenberg.They walk up the hills and goad the agents into chasing them.goad somebody into (doing) somethingSeveral boys surrounded him and goaded him into a fight.Should you goad him into attacking you, you might find the aftermath disappointing.They walk up the hills and goad the agents into chasing them.His minders goad him into flapping his fins a bit but there is no spark in his fishy eye.He was trying to provoke her, deliberately goading her into saying more than she intended.