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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhorsewomanhorse‧wom‧an /ˈhɔːsˌwʊmən $ ˈhɔːrs-/ noun (plural horsewomen /-ˌwɪmɪn/) [countable]  TTBDRIVEa woman who rides horses
Examples from the Corpus
horsewomanAnd yet now, it seemed, he considered her to be a horsewoman.She is an accomplished horsewoman, a skill which ranks highly in aristocratic circles but one in which Diana is lacking.The inquest heard Mrs Weaver was an experienced horsewoman with the correct protective clothing and headgear.She no longer needed the groom to accompany her when she rode out, since she was now a proficient horsewoman.A naturally gifted sportswoman, she became a proficient sculler, horsewoman, and mountaineer, and even mastered billiards.She had great artistic talents; she was a skilled horsewoman.Andrew Lloyd-Webber's new wife, horsewoman Madeline Gurdon, has tried to smarten him up.