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pedalpedal2 verb (pedalled, pedalling British English, pedaled, pedaling American English) [intransitive, transitive]  1 [always + adverb/preposition]TTB to ride a bicyclecycle, ridepedal up/along/down etc Andrew pedalled up the road towards the town centre.2 TTBTIto turn or push the pedals on a bicycle or other machine with your feet She was pedalling furiously (=very fast).→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pedalTim got on his bike and pedaled around town.The postman was pedalling back towards them down the road.Father Luke pedalled backwards in the direction of Whitechapel's parish church and fell over the barrow.He soothes and steadies while she, protected by his arms, pedals clumsily at first, then confidently.The physical sessions included warming-up, periods pedalling on an exercise cycle, free-standing exercises, stretching and relaxation.Replacing the bowls, they pedalled on down the steep hill and up the next.She pedals quickly down the walkway.During the class the women pedal the equivalent of 12-22 miles.pedal up/along/down etcAs is traditional, the teams pedalled up and down the Champs after the presentations.It's easy to look at your child harmlessly pedalling along on his trike without noticing he's heading towards moving swings.He pedalled along the canal bank quite slowly, keeping his eyes skinned for signs of defunct animal life.Miss Danziger turned off and pedalled along the line of the cliff top.One of the birds shat on Gravel as I pedalled up the path to town on the Tuesday morning.The morning was grey and drizzly and Henry skidded a couple of times as he pedalled along the towpath.So I pedalled up the Via San Pietro.But when I first drilled that hand-made aluminium throttle pedal down to its bump stop, I was absolutely stunned.pedalling furiouslyHe was last seen pedalling furiously away from the Midland Bank in Chiswick, west London.All the way home, pedalling furiously, she had been nerving herself for this confrontation.