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tracetrace2 ●●○ AWL noun  1 sign of something [countable, uncountable]DISAPPEAR a small sign that shows that someone or something was present or existed There was no trace of anyone having entered the room since then. Petra’s lost all trace of her German accent. Officers were unable to find any trace of drugs.disappear/vanish/sink without (a) trace (=disappear completely, without leaving any sign of what happened) The plane vanished without a trace.2 small amount [countable]LITTLE/NOT MUCH a very small amount of a quality, emotion, substance etc that is difficult to see or noticetrace of I saw the faintest trace of a smile cross Sandra’s face. traces of poison3 telephone [countable] technicalTCT a search to find out where a telephone call came from, using special electronic equipment The police put a trace on the call.4 information recorded [countable]TEEMH technical the mark or pattern made on a screen or on paper by a machine that is recording an electrical signal This trace shows the heartbeat.5 cart/carriage [countable]TTB one of the two pieces of leather, rope etc by which a cart or carriage is fastened to an animal pulling it kick over the traces at kick1(19)
Examples from the Corpus
traceBut this time she couldn't help feeling a trace, just a whisper of his elation.Hans speaks English beautifully, without a trace of a foreign accent.The thief was careful not to leave any trace of his activities.It contains traces of people who are among the first to be photographed in city streets anywhere in the world.The flattened rectangular section behind the neck contains traces of a large iron blade, possibly a double-edged dagger or short sword.Many local people were very eager to get rid of the last traces of their town's shameful past.Celestine was scraping the last traces from her bowl when Lufkin walked over to the cabinet holding his record collection.The job involves tracking packages, running traces.In 1928 and 1931, two large earthquakes in New Zealand produced strong traces on Seismographs throughout the world.Early attempts - including putting a ping-pong ball inside a soap bar - sank without trace.no traceDagobert receives no entry in the dictionaries of saints and no trace of him is on public view at Stenay.But they found no trace of the highly profitable illegal cargo that it was supposed to be carrying.There is no trace of conceit, arrogance or class consciousness about her.There is no result, no trace to mark what you have done.Hillary Clinton she's not, but there was no trace of the frumpy babushka, below, from 1989.Moon-Watcher looked across the valley to see if the Others were in sight, but there was no trace of them.There was no trace of Silk.trace ofa trace of poison