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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdismountdis‧mount /dɪsˈmaʊnt/ verb formal  1 [intransitive + from]TTCTTB to get off a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle opp mount2 [transitive]PMWDOWN to take something, especially a gun, out of its base or support→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dismountSeidman's horse reared up when he tried to dismount.Ahead of us was an element of Bravo Company that had gone in dismounted.Holmes pointed to a man standing by a hansom cab, from which he had evidently just dismounted.They dismounted and led their horses through the forest.A machine gunner was ordered to dismount and search for prisoners.They dismounted and walked the horses, Luib and Ratagan taking the rear.When he reached the Outer Wall he halted and dismounted, his cracked bones shouting at him.So, we used the 4. 2 in a dismounted mode, when we used it at all.The offline operator is responsible for mounting and dismounting the offline media and inspecting media items for physical damage.They milled together and dismounted, the two Myrcans immediately running to the rear to intercept the pursuit.