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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhandlebarshan‧dle‧bars /ˈhændlbɑːz $ -bɑːrz/ ●○○ noun [plural] (also handlebar [countable])  mountain_bike.jpg TTBTTCthe bar above the front wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle that you turn to control its direction
Examples from the Corpus
handlebarsIt was shiny metal, with a large black leather seat and huge black handlebars.She took a helmet from the handlebars.Louise was carrying a large bag which she had managed to balance on the handlebars of her scooter.Diamond Jim Brady ordered her a gold-plated bicycle, with her monogram set in diamonds and emeralds on the handlebars.In another case, two police officers spotted a man cycling without his hands on the handlebars.The trike skidded and tumbled, throwing Grimm over the handlebars.Even in a bulky warm-up suit, sitting hunched over the handlebars, she looks skinny.The tendency for anyone unused to such enormous forces is literally to be thrown over the handlebars.