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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrickshawrick‧shaw /ˈrɪkʃɔː $ -ʃɒː/ noun [countable]  TTBa small vehicle used in South East Asia for carrying one or two passengers. It is pulled by someone walking or riding a bicycle.
Examples from the Corpus
rickshawLater she got a second loan, which she used to buy a rickshaw which she rents out to the villagers.Those who are booking enough calls include cabbies and the athletic few who power pedicabs, a combination bicycle and rickshaw.They have seen some slow ones these past few months but this was more sluggish than a Colombo rickshaw.The occasional curtained litter or rickshaw sheltered its rich occupant from the sun as he or she ventured out on some errand.Phagu returned to the dang in the rickshaw.Like Dargah Quli Khan's friend Taqi, the figures in the rickshaw were all eunuchs.When the rickshaw came to a halt, it was not at his house, but at the deserted harbour.