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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaerobicae‧ro‧bic /eəˈrəʊbɪk $ eˈroʊ-/ adjective  1 technicalH using oxygen opp anaerobic2 aerobic exercise
Examples from the Corpus
aerobicIn addition, the aerobic activity helped them to increase their metabolic rate which is, after all, what every slimmer needs.A specimen of the fluid was used for bacteriological studies including microscopy and culture on plates for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.Sulphide ores tend to oxidise in aerobic conditions, consuming oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.She was demonstrating aerobic movements and hostessing for her guests as they arrived.aerobic shoesPrevious research concentrated on the removal of nitrate that was observed when groundwater conditions change from aerobic to anaerobic.There is a simple way of calculating your aerobic walking rate.As this chapter proceeds, there is an aerobic walking record for you to fill in.George Foreman may joke about being a fat man, but he is an aerobic wonder.