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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharmourar‧mour British English, armor American English /ˈɑːmə $ ˈɑːrmər/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 PMmetal or leather clothing that protects your body, worn by soldiers in battles in past times a knight wearing a suit of armour2 PMa strong metal layer that protects military vehicles armour-clad warships3 HBa strong layer or shell that protects some plants and animals a chink in somebody’s armour at chink1(3), → a knight in shining armour at knight1(4)
Examples from the Corpus
armourAll Elven weaponry and armour is finely crafted.This special protection is lost if the Orc wears body armour.His bones lay in an engraved gold casket, with his armour, sceptre and shield close by.I was ringed by men, some in armour, and recognised the blue and mustard livery of the City of London.A suit of armour and a motorbike might be more use than a pair of trainers!Again and again Urian's glowing black blade was turned by Tyrion's armour.The armour he gifted to Auaralion, the great grandson of Morelion, Aenarion's son by Astarielle.With their armour somewhat stained, they returned to discard it and restore their weapons.suit of armourA suit of armour and a motorbike might be more use than a pair of trainers!It was here that Aenarion's sacred armour was forged, along with enough swords and suits of armour to outfit an army.Many of the trilobite fossils found commonly elsewhere in the world are these empty suits of armour.