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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaviarya‧vi‧a‧ry /ˈeɪviəri $ ˈeɪvieri/ noun (plural aviaries) [countable]  DHPHBa large cage where birds are kept
Examples from the Corpus
aviaryNot so much an aviary now more a hen-house when a hawk flies over.You can take a day trip to Bodelwyddan Castle with its walled garden, aviary, maze and adventure woodland.In the afternoon, there were several young ravens without their parents in the woods by the aviary.The Borough Council is considering closing the aviaries to save money.Worked with the ravens in the aviary.The housekeeper, Mary McLellan, served Dubonnet, Margarett opened the aviary, and a parakeet flew to her shoulder.It costs around £10,000 a year to run the aviaries.I was standing with my back to the aviary, my jacket almost touching the wire mesh, still puzzled.