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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbinocular visionbiˌnocular ˈvision noun [uncountable] technical  the ability to focus both eyes on one object, which humans, monkeys, and some birds and other animals have
Examples from the Corpus
binocular visionThe fish possesses a further adaptation to enhance its accuracy: binocular vision.It has binocular vision for locating its prey and now rests motionless, waiting for the potential victim to come closer.For example owls and other predatory birds such as buzzards have binocular vision and acute hearing although they have a poor sense of smell.Ducks, too, have 360° vision, with eyes on the sides of their heads, but with limited binocular vision.Ben possessed the kind of binocular vision I needed so badly.But their range of binocular vision is only about 30°.Although it occurs among mammals and birds, few other fish possess binocular vision.