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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbiospherebi‧o‧sphere /ˈbaɪəsfɪə $ -sfɪr/ noun [singular]  HB technical the part of the world in which animals, plants etc can live
Examples from the Corpus
biosphereThe glass spaceship parked in the desert is called a biosphere because the logic of the Bios runs through it.When creating a biosphere remember that: Microorganisms do most of the work.The elements it cradles are in a dynamic equilibrium with the cycling composition of the atmosphere and water and biosphere.We all depend on one biosphere for sustaining our lives.He enraged biologists by considering the biosphere of living creatures as a large chemical factory.As he examined the biosphere in succeeding years, he added more complex phenomena to the list of life-made.CO2 is the accepted limiting resource for the biosphere.Once formed, rings soon cease to exchange with the biosphere.