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ldoce_028_fblindblind3 ●●○ noun  1 DHH (also (window) shade American English) [countable] a covering, especially one made of cloth, that can be rolled up and down to cover a window inside a building The blinds were drawn (=pulled down) to protect the new furniture from the sun.open/pull down/draw the blinds roller blind, Venetian blind2 [countable] American EnglishDSOHB a small shelter where you can watch birds or animals without being seen by them syn hide British English3 ldoce_028.png [singular]TRICK/DECEIVE a trick or excuse to stop someone from discovering the truth
Examples from the Corpus
blindThis tiny black fly is the biggest cause of blindness in Central Africa.It is far better to use cafe curtains, short, tied-back curtains, or blinds.The blinds pulled, by her domestic decree, half way down the windows discouraged all hope.blinds ... drawnIt wasn't much brighter than the corridor in there, for blinds were drawn on the two windows.Three windows had their green blinds perpetually drawn against morning sun or any damage from afternoon light.The kitchen was quite dark because the blinds were drawn.The minister said he felt disorientated, the blinds were drawn, and he lost track of time.Theodora noticed the blinds were drawn in all but the central block.For some unknown reason, the blinds were always drawn, giving it a depressing atmosphere.The blinds were drawn to darken our downstairs room where the coffin rested on the table in front of the range.The street was deserted with blinds and curtains drawn.