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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcellularcel‧lu‧lar /ˈseljələ $ -ər/ adjective  1 HBconsisting of or relating to the cells of plants or animals2 a cellular telephone system works by using a network of radio stations to pass on signals a cellular network
Examples from the Corpus
cellularcellular biologyTwo trends-digital networks and competition-are now changing the cellular landscape.Therefore, this region may confer some degree of specialization to the protein, in terms of cellular location and/or tissue specificity.Now, however, no fewer than 23 countries have cellular networks up and running.The analysis reported here has been motivated by investigations of high-frequency cellular oscillators with periods of the order of minutes or less.The cellular source of the catalytically active PLA2 in serum of patients suffering from acute pancreatitis and other diseases is unknown.