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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdwarfdwarf1 /dwɔːf $ dwɔːrf/ noun (plural dwarfs or dwarves) [countable]  1 RFan imaginary creature that looks like a small man Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs2 SHORT PERSONa person who is a dwarf has not continued to grow to the normal height because of a medical condition. Many people think that this use is offensive. white dwarf
Examples from the Corpus
dwarfFor the moment at least, she had forgotten that he was a dwarf and the biggest disappointment of her life.The smallest, feeblest stars, called M5 red dwarfs, have about 5 percent of the mass of our Sun.But the dwarfs are free of inner conflicts, and have no desire to move beyond their phallic existence to intimate relations.You may want to embellish the walk through the woods and the dwarfs' house, and even name the dwarfs.I was not hurt, but this time the dwarf was sent away from the palace as a punishment.That is about the size of a typical white dwarf, the remnant left behind after the death of a normal star.