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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishembryonicem‧bry‧on‧ic /ˌembriˈɒnɪk◂ $ -ˈɑːn-/ adjective  1 DEVELOPat a very early stage of development The plans are still only in embryonic form.2 relating to an embryo embryonic development embryonic cells
Examples from the Corpus
embryonicOnline gambling as an industry is still illegal and embryonic.Later cultures of, usually embryonic, animal cells were used.Such embryonic creatures needed stronger muscles, too, and a skin that was resistant to drying out.Take wound healing or embryonic development.While online commerce remains embryonic, personal service sites are popping up like dandelions.We are, after all, always talking about minor quantitative changes in an existing embryonic process.The program is still in the embryonic stage, but we are confident of its success.Her plan is still in the embryonic stage.The rules and structures that will regulate and reward work at home and with diverse co-workers are in an embryonic stage.This report defines an embryonic synapse in Drosophila which is accessible to experimental analysis.We studied the healing of a standardized lesion on the dorsal surface of a four-day chick embryonic wing bud.