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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflatulenceflat‧u‧lence /ˈflætjələns $ -tʃə-/ noun [uncountable]  HBthe condition of having too much gas in the stomachflatulent adjective
Examples from the Corpus
flatulenceTo compensate, the filmmakers direct their wit in more proper directions, such as excretory functions and flatulence.She continued to complain of epigastric pain and flatulence but repeated investigations were negative.He was to suffer from bouts of explosive flatulence for the rest of his life.It was then shown the correct diagnosis in each case, broken into five categories, ranging from flatulence to angina.Those who have become used to low-fibre food may suffer from a little flatulence for the first week or two.The subset containing fabliaux with lavatory humour, tales concerning basic bodily functions of excretion or flatulence, are fewer in number.The astronauts talk about looking for fossil microbes, but their main adventure is a tedious flatulence gag.After several weeks of fevered indigestion and almost terminal flatulence Grom emerged triumphant.