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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgeneticsge‧net‧ics /dʒəˈnetɪks/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  HBthe study of how the qualities of living things are passed on in their genesgeneticist /-tɪsɪst/ noun [countable]GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Genetics is followed by a singular verb: Genetics is the study of genes.
Examples from the Corpus
geneticsLondon also will oversee laws governing abortion, human fertilization and genetics.Advances in molecular biology in recent years have served to emphasize the possible relationships between homoeopathy, immunology and genetics.Students lobbed questions at Gould as if he were a backstop, questions on evolution, genetics, religion.The United States has pioneered the use of genetics in agriculture.When inheritance is controlled by many genes, the cruder techniques of quantitative genetics can be applied.Studies include analysis of the genetics of growth using laboratory animals and of quantitative production traits in livestock.The Derbyshire farmers saw the increase coming through genetics with, for example, the use of high yielding dairy bulls.Bear in mind that following scientific advice usually helps you make the most of your genetics and training.