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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgenomege‧nome /ˈdʒiːnəʊm $ -noʊm/ noun [countable] technical  HBall the genes in one type of living thingDNA the human genome
Examples from the Corpus
genomeFor the last 20 years researchers have been able to calculate genome sizes and mutation rates.Billions of dollars will have been poured into the human genome project.Hubbard agrees that it ought to be possible to overlay the mouse on the human genome.The first step in genome expression, i.e. transcription, was studied in order to test these hypotheses.This drosophila strain is an interesting model to study the consequence of this type of mitochondrial genome deletion.Phenomena such as exon shuffling imply that genomes are constantly being rearranged, and are not mere static repositories of information.On other occasions, the genome seems to rearrange itself for its own ends.This sequence of events may represent a model for the dispersal of gene family members throughout the genome.