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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglandularglan‧du‧lar /ˈɡlændjələ $ -dʒələr/ adjective  HBrelated to the glands, or produced by the glands
Examples from the Corpus
glandularShe suffers from a glandular condition and is pushing three hundred pounds.The mussels were so enormous I suspected they had some kind of overactive glandular condition.He is swept from day to day by waves of glandular emotion.He contracted glandular fever and viral meningitis.Occasionally a person will suffer from a long and unpleasant illness like glandular fever, but this is rare.The 19-year-old Boat Club starlet was struck down by glandular fever last summer, and spent a frustrating time on the sidelines.Damon had given Jasper measles, glandular fever, two bouts of flu and two colds since Easter.The area covered by gross injury was expressed as a percentage of the area of the glandular mucosa of the rat stomach.