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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhosthost1 /həʊst $ hoʊst/ ●●○ W3 noun [countable]  1 at a partyPARTY someone at a party, meal etc who has invited the guests and who provides the food, drink etchostess Our host greeted us at the door.2 on television/radioAMTPRESENT/INTRODUCE A SHOW someone who introduces and talks to the guests on a television or radio programme syn compere British English a game show host3 country/cityARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETC a country, city, or organization that provides the necessary space, equipment etc for a special eventhost country/government/city etc the host city for the next Olympic Gamesplay host (to something) (=provide the place, food etc for a special meeting or event) The gallery is playing host to an exhibition of sculpture.4 a (whole) host of people/things5 the Host6 animal/plant technicalHBBHBA an animal or plant on which a smaller animal or plant is living as a parasite
Examples from the Corpus
hostThe prospect of the bill is worrying a host of companies.Leno replaced Johnny Carson as host of "The Tonight Show."The President and his wife served as hosts at the concert.I was intrigued to learn that our Chinese host had spent many years in Chicago.He packed his belongings, made his goodbyes, and parted from his hosts.He is well-dressed, superficially well-mannered, but reminds me of a flirtatious married host at a barbecue.Hawke resigned from parliament on Feb. 20 to become a television chat-show host.Talk radio and talk television hosts, mostly but by no means all conservative, are proliferating and gaining influence and popularity.Baltimore beat the hosts, the Detroit Tigers, 9-7.That enzyme is crucial to the translation of the virus' genetic material and the reproduction of more viruses inside the host.Jay Leno, the host of the "Tonight" showMinelli was the host for the two-hour awards program.The host got drunk and threw up on one of the guests.host country/government/city etcThe ambivalence of a host government is understandable to a degree.Sheffield will be acting as host city.It was like soccer's World Cup host country handing over the television rights to the visiting nations.Around 40 percent of the businesses in each host country have concluded co-operation agreements as a direct result of the event.Chinatown was like its host city -- small and compressed in physical dimensions, boundless and ephemeral in spirit.Atlanta, the 1996 Olympics host city from July 19 to Aug. 4, offers a wealth of diversions.It is not clear whether personal benefits or benefits to the development of the host country, or both, are meant.Clientism can take another form: identification with the host country or with those currently in power there.