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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpregnateim‧preg‧nate /ˈɪmpreɡneɪt $ ɪmˈpreɡ-/ verb [transitive]  1 SPREADto make a substance spread completely through something, or to spread completely through somethingimpregnate something with something The mats have to be impregnated with disinfectant.2 BABY/HAVE A BABY technical to make a woman or female animal pregnant→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
impregnateSeveral dominant males could impregnate all the women and perpetuate the tribe.That same year John unfortunately impregnated an Ipswich barmaid, who insisted on marriage, and he complied.How he must have aspired to rise up forcefully, his yearning impregnating the walls with a similar passion.But even the most abstract thinker does not wholly escape the need to impregnate thought with joy.The pole was impregnated with a preservative that had a salty taste.The rain was impregnated with a special fluorescent paint and blown over the car.It is impregnated with glue, and fabric can be ironed on when dampened.Glass could be impregnated with inorganic pesticides, then ploughed into the land.