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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinfectedin‧fect‧ed /ɪnˈfektɪd/ adjective  1 DFMIa part of your body or a wound that is infected has harmful bacteria in it which prevent it from healingdisinfect an infected finger Clean the wound so it doesn’t get infected.2 MIHBfood, water etc that is infected contains bacteria that spread disease3 if a computer or disk is infected, the information in or on it has been changed or destroyed by a computer virus
Examples from the Corpus
infectedThe cut on my foot became infected.The water here is infected with cholera.get infectedIt is important that everyone helps stop more and more people getting infected.Over the next 5-15 years, 1000s more soldier cells in the body get infected.Some people get infected easily and die rapidly.But it can get infected easily and I might not know it.The chance of getting infected from a pint of blood is less than 1 in a million.These untidy wounds are about 50 times more likely to get infected than tidy ones.What went largely unreported, however, was the fact that most of the people getting infected were gay men.With every child you had, you'd get infected with that baby's qualities.