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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishintestinein‧tes‧tine /ɪnˈtestɪn/ noun [countable]  body.jpg HBthe long tube in your body through which food passes after it leaves your stomach syn gutintestinal adjective large intestine, small intestine
Examples from the Corpus
intestineThe village paths soon became covered with a mass of bodies, brains, blood and intestines.Montgomery etal isolated cells from 18 day fetal rat intestine by trypsin dissociation.In agreement with our findings, they showed that the rat intestine secreted fluid on day 5 after parasite administration.Each day, 7-10 litres of water enter the small intestine.The degree of amyloid deposition, however, was greatest in the small intestine.So far two of 10 patients with a diagnosis of Crohn's disease have already developed recurrence in the small intestine.As the wall of the small intestine comes into view, you notice that it looks furry.The ultrastructure of the intestine was examined in seven patients.