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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnosenose1 /nəʊz $ noʊz/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 on your face [countable]HB the part of a person’s or animal’s face used for smelling or breathingnasal, nostril Someone punched him on the nose.2 (right) under somebody’s nose3 stick/poke your nose into something4 keep your nose out (of something)5 turn your nose up (at something)6 with your nose in the air7 have a (good) nose for something8 get (right) up somebody’s nose9 keep your nose clean10 on the nose11 keep your nose to the grindstone12 have your nose in a book/magazine/newspaper13 by a nose14 have a nose around15 put somebody’s nose out of joint16 nose to tail17 plane [countable]TTA the pointed front end of a plane, rocket etc18 smell [singular] the smell of a wine or tobacco syn bouquet hard-nosed, brown-nose, → cut off your nose to spite your face at cut (10), → nose job, → lead somebody by the nose at lead1(16), → look down your nose at somebody/something at look1(8), → pay through the nose at pay1(16), → as plain as the nose on your face at plain1(1), → poke your nose into something at poke1(7), → powder your nose at powder2(2), → rub somebody’s nose in it/in the dirt at rub1(9), → thumb your nose at somebody/something at thumb2(2)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesbigSee that guy over there, the one with the big nose?smallShe had high cheekbones and a small nose.longHis nose was long and his chin square.straightHer nose was long, straight and elegant.runny (=with liquid coming out)A runny nose may be the result of an allergic reaction.snotty (=with unpleasant thick liquid coming out)a group of dirty children with snotty nosesblocked (=so that you cannot breathe easily)My nose is really blocked and I can't smell anything.red (=because you are cold or drunk, or have a cold)His nose was red from the cold.a snub/turned-up nose (=one that curves up at the end)She had big eyes and a turned-up nose.a hooked nose (=one that curves down at the end)an old man with a hooked nosea Roman/aquiline nose formal (=one that curves out near the top)He had a thin face with an aquiline nose.a broken nose (=one that is not straight because the bone has been broken by a hit or fall)a boxer with a broken noseverbsblow your nose (=clear your nose by blowing strongly into a piece of soft paper or cloth)She blew her nose on a large white handkerchief.wipe your nose (=wipe liquid away from your nose)The boy wiped his nose on his sleeve.pick your nose (=remove substances from inside your nose with your finger)Stop picking your nose, Freddy.wrinkle your nose (=move the muscles near your nose when you do not like something)Susan looked at the meal and wrinkled her nose.hold your nose (=so that you cannot smell a bad smell)The smell was so revolting that I had to hold my nose. breathe through your noseClose your eyes and breathe through your nose.somebody's nose is running (=liquid is coming out)She was crying hard and her nose was running.phrasesthe bridge of your nose (=the upper part, between your eyes)Sam pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.
Examples from the Corpus
noseThose who take that risk will get a bloody nose.Our dog has a very good nose, you know.She smiled at him, but he buried his nose in his beer.Fogarty avoided fistfights, but when they were unavoidable he packed his nose with the cotton he always carried.He squatted down, brushed a hand across the dirt floor, and put the hand to his nose.Mr Taylor was taken to Middlesbrough General Hospital where he received seven stitches to his nose.Each missile carries 150 kilos of high explosive in its nose.Ripken's nose was broken when Hernandez accidentally hit him.He clearly viewed my sharp nose and dark beard in a more favorable light than the starlets had.Like most modern decks the nose is double drilled: either 5 ¼ or 5 ¾ inch.The nose of the plane dipped as we came in to land.