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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoestrogenoes‧tro‧gen British English, estrogen American English /ˈiːstrədʒən $ ˈes-/ noun [uncountable]  HBa substance that is produced in a woman’s ovaries that causes changes in her body and prepares it for having babies
Examples from the Corpus
oestrogenProgestogen is now available in a combined progestogen and oestrogen patch.It appears likely that a fairly complicated interaction between oestrogen, progesterone and a pituitary hormone known as oxytocin is involved.Cellulite is a peculiarly female problem in which the hormone oestrogen plays a part.The loss of oestrogen at the onset of menopause may also be greater in smokers than nonsmokers.After this time, they too are prone to heart attacks because they no longer have the protection of oestrogen in their bodies.The ovaries carry on producing oestrogen long after ovulation has ceased, more than twelve years in fact.Oestrogen: how it can change your life that: Women who take oestrogen definitely tend to look younger than their years.Environmental chemicals targeting oestrogen receptors, perhaps?