Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: praegnans, from praegnas, from prae- ( PRE-) + gnatus 'born'


preg‧nant S3
1MB if a woman or female animal is pregnant, she has an unborn baby growing inside her body [↪ pregnancy]:
medical care for pregnant women
I knew right away that I was pregnant.
I thought I was too old to get pregnant.
twenty weeks/three months etc pregnant
She's about five months pregnant.
pregnant with
Maria was pregnant with her second child.
I didn't mean to get her pregnant (=make her pregnant).
His wife was heavily pregnant (=almost ready to give birth).

pregnant pause/silence

a pause or silence which is full of meaning or emotion:
He stopped, and there was a pregnant pause.

pregnant with something

formal containing a lot of a quality:
Every phrase in this poem is pregnant with meaning.

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