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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprotozoanpro‧to‧zo‧an /ˌprəʊtəˈzəʊən $ ˌproʊtəˈzoʊən/ (also protozoon /-ˈzəʊɒn $ -ˈzoʊɑːn/) noun (plural protozoa /-ˈzəʊə $ -ˈzoʊə/ or protozoans) [countable]  HBMa very small living thing that has only one cellprotozoan adjective
Examples from the Corpus
protozoanWe expect to find the missing information in the largely unexplored group of algae and protozoans.Aside from the larger ectoparasites, you will need access to a microscope if you are to identify bacteria and protozoans.Fish, beetles, protozoans, and trees, will be successively more primitive beings.There are about 10,000 species of protozoans.There are changes in the number and species of protozoans, algae, and bacteria.Another parasitic protozoan is Myxobolus, this one causing fatal internal cysts and highly resistant to treatment.Two protozoans that seek to reproduce sexually must first fuse, to produce one.There are, however, several other methods of reproduction practised by various protozoans on occasions.