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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpubertypu‧ber‧ty /ˈpjuːbəti $ -ər-/ noun [uncountable]  HBHthe stage of physical development during which you change from a child to an adult and are able to have children Fourteen is a fairly normal age for a girl to reach puberty.
Examples from the Corpus
pubertyBut I fear that when she passes through the phalanx of middle school and puberty, that may change.Life events can be developmental in nature: weaning, toilet training and puberty are examples that characterise all people's lives.In Darcy's Utopia you will not see the eyes of the child dulling, the brow furrowing, as puberty arrives.She helps the girls understand issues such as puberty, hygiene, boys, crime, and drugs.As you know, a variety of physical and emotional changes take place during puberty.Then one day we stumbled into puberty and found that our adolescence coincided with the struggle for national independence.All the unspoken mysteries of puberty tremble in the air.Even though I had just reached puberty, Boden saw me as a Bolshevik.reach pubertyA trust is imposed on the heirs that they should manumit four slaves when the testator's children reach puberty.Half of all girls in this country reach puberty by the age of 10, it has been claimed.Even though I had just reached puberty, Boden saw me as a Bolshevik.And when they reach puberty they start attacking their owners.