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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrenalre‧nal /ˈriːnl/ adjective [only before noun]  technicalHBM relating to the kidneys acute renal failure
Examples from the Corpus
renalIn the case of proteinuria and haematuria these may include urography or morphological studies of urinary red cells, together with renal biopsy.The hypocalcemia is associated with hyperphosphatemia in the absence of bone or renal disease.He had diabetes and renal failure.In contradistinction to concentrating ability, diluting ability is fairly well-preserved in renal failure.These tests have been shown to be reliable in detecting H pylori infection in patients with and without renal failure.If renal function is adequate, diuresis should be instituted after volume replacement, to induce urinary calcium losses.Pamidronate binds to bone and reduces resorption, but has no effect on the renal tubule.Many undiagnosed patients with prostatic obstruction were referred to the renal unit.