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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrespiratoryre‧spi‧ra‧to‧ry /rɪˈspɪrətəri, ˈrespəreɪtəri, rɪˈspaɪərə- $ ˈrespərətɔːri, rɪˈspaɪrə-/ adjective formal or technical  HBrelating to breathing or your lungs respiratory disease
Examples from the Corpus
respiratoryHence, this condition is termed respiratory acidosis. 283.People with allergies and other respiratory and heart ailments may be more seriously affected.Hospital staff were puzzled after children collapsed with cardiac arrests and respiratory attacks.respiratory diseasesTo provide practical experience of the nursing care of patients with respiratory disorders.Subjects - 256 Infants and children under 3 years of age with symptoms of respiratory infection.Everybody from here to Wesley and back has upper respiratory infections.Living organisms do not have the ability to swap one respiratory pigment for another.The examples stated here are basic to all patients with a respiratory problem, or problem of the cardiovascular system.the respiratory system