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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsaltwatersalt‧wa‧ter /ˈsɔːltˌwɔːtə $ -ˌwɒːtər, -ˌwɑː-/ adjective [only before noun]  1 HEOliving in salty water or in the sea opp freshwater saltwater fish2 containing salt water opp freshwater a saltwater lake
Examples from the Corpus
saltwaterHe rubs the knife in the sand, rinses it in the saltwater, and hands it back to me.It turned out that the saltwater crocodile's blood does contain a protein that kills bacteria resistant to all other antibiotics.It ranges throughout the Northern Hemisphere in both fresh and saltwater habitats, including the Caspian Sea.Shaw is like saltwater in the face and Margaret was apt to splutter.The therapeutic pool helped patients build strength and stamina, while the warm saltwater relaxed their muscles.Clearly the saltwater was heated in pans in order to drive off the water.