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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscalyscal‧y /ˈskeɪli/ adjective  1 HBa scaly animal or fish is covered with small flat pieces of hard skin2 HBHMIscaly skin is dry and rough
Examples from the Corpus
scalyThis is characterised by a scaly and sometimes itchy scalp, but it shouldn't be red or sore.Dandruff is characterized by a scaly and sometimes itchy scalp.In the Old World they have a counterpart in the form of the strange, scaly anteaters, the pangolins.An awareness crept upon him with dank, scaly fingers.That snake, however, in all its wriggling, scaly glory, would never find its way into network fare.The fish-heads floated at the top, their scaly jaws agog, eve-sockets empty.From the road the Church looked diseased, scaly, malnourished.To relieve tight or scaly skin, add a teaspoon of fine oil to your bathwater.Symptoms are scaly skin, itching, inflammation and blisters.Their warty, slimy and sometimes scaly skins can be almost any colour.