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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspermsperm /spɜːm $ spɜːrm/ noun (plural sperm or sperms)  1 HB[countable] (also sperm cell) a cell produced by the sex organs of a male person or animal, which is able to join with the female egg to produce a new life2 [uncountable]HB the liquid from the male sex organs that these cells swim in syn semen3 sperm count
Examples from the Corpus
spermIt makes an interesting contrast with another related health issue: falling sperm counts.Many of his sperm do not even try to fertilize her eggs but instead either attack other sperm or block their passage.Once it is penetrated by the single sperm, the egg becomes impervious.This makes the sperm, like all rapidly developing cells, especially vulnerable to damage from chemicals or radiation.All were then fertilised with sperm from her husband.