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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspinelessspine‧less /ˈspaɪnləs/ adjective  1 BRAVE#lacking courage and determination – used to show disapproval a bunch of spineless politicians2 without a spine
Examples from the Corpus
spinelessThe hand was still doughy when Miguel shook it, weak and spineless.He's nothing but a spineless coward.spineless creatures such as jellyfishNor would Edwin concede more than a spineless encouragement that she be hopeful and humble in their work together.The President has been accused of being spineless in the face of naked aggression.No more will I look down my nose at whining, spineless malcontents.We did not see him as the spineless vicar that Fielding turned him into in Shamela.Equally worrisome, many environmentalists brand the Fish and Wildlife Service as a spineless weathervane.Don't be spineless -- you have to stand up to people like that.