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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsweatsweat1 /swet/ ●●○ verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 liquid from skin [intransitive, transitive]SWEAT to have drops of salty liquid coming out through your skin because you are hot, ill, frightened, or doing exercise syn perspire πŸ”Š I was sweating a lot despite the air conditioning.sweat heavily/profusely (=sweat a lot) πŸ”Š Within minutes she was sweating profusely.sweat like a pig/sweat buckets informal (=sweat a lot) πŸ”Š basketball players sweating buckets2 work [intransitive, transitive] informalWORK HARD to work hard πŸ”Š They sweated and saved for ten years to buy a house.sweat over πŸ”Š He’d sweated over the plans for six months.sweat blood/sweat your guts out (=work very hard) πŸ”Š I sweated blood to get that report finished. πŸ”Š We’ve been sweating our guts out here!3 worry [intransitive, transitive] informalNERVOUS to be anxious, nervous, or worried about something πŸ”Š Let them sweat a bit before you tell them.sweat bullets American English (=be very anxious) πŸ”Š Workers are sweating bullets over the possibility of job losses.4 β†’ don’t sweat it5 β†’ don’t sweat the small stuff6 produce liquid [intransitive]LIQUID if something such as cheese sweats, fat from inside appears on its surface7 cook [transitive] British EnglishDFC to heat food gently in a little water or fat πŸ”Š Sweat the vegetables until the juices run out. β†’ sweat something ↔ off β†’ sweat something ↔ outβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
sweatβ€’ Out in the corridor Toby found he was sweating.β€’ The heat from the lights was making her sweat and her make-up started to run.β€’ If I had to sweat blood it would be done.β€’ It was tough work. Within minutes we were all sweating buckets.β€’ Let them sweat - I'll give them a decision tomorrow.β€’ Amphitryon, sweating, leaned on his spear.β€’ My God, it's hot in here - I'm sweating like a pig!β€’ Quinn tried to imagine him lying in his bed, sweating out a fever.β€’ Sweating profusely and gripping the lectern, Anderson began his speech.β€’ It's so hot, you start sweating the minute you walk outside.β€’ You're sweating. Why don't you take your jacket off?β€’ She was sweating, yet her skin felt cold.sweat heavily/profuselyβ€’ At that time, when it was removed from the casket, the community was astonished to see it sweat profusely.β€’ By noon on the fourth day he was sweating profusely.β€’ Her father was under clad for the time of year but was sweating heavily.β€’ Within minutes her eyes were watering, she was sweating profusely and she began to find it difficult to breathe and speak.β€’ Hutt crept silently into the kitchen, his hands sweating profusely as he closed in on his prey.β€’ They grip the lectern, their knees knock, and they sweat profusely as they try to get their point across.β€’ I was sweating profusely in a wool shirt.β€’ The Prime Minister, who looked relaxed but sweated profusely in the hot hall, said he relished the fight ahead.sweat overβ€’ The committee spent months sweating over the new budget.sweat bulletsβ€’ You see, as Job Survivor I am sweating bullets by night, biting bullets by day.