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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtestosteronetes‧tos‧ter‧one /teˈstɒstərəʊn $ -ˈstɑːstəroʊn/ noun [uncountable]  HBHthe hormone (=chemical produced by the body) in males that gives them their male qualities
Examples from the Corpus
testosteronePerhaps the secret's in the wrist action - testosterone isn't the only thing that males have to discharge.Women usually have a small amount of the male hormone testosterone circulating in their bodies.Yet they still can not define any specific influence of testosterone on the behaviour of the human male.The problem for the cockerel is that the higher his level of testosterone, the greater his parasite infestation.One of the major functions of the testes is to produce testosterone, the most potent androgen.They have injected all kinds of animals at all stages of development with synthetic testosterone to see how it affected their behaviour.First of all, the study simply measured total testosterone in the blood of female volunteers.