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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtubetube1 /tjuːb $ tuːb/ ●●● S3 W3 noun  1 pipe for liquid [countable]TD a round pipe made of metal, glass, rubber etc, especially for liquids or gases to go through inner tube, test tube2 [countable] a long hollow object that is usually round pasta tubes a toilet roll tube3 container [countable]DT a narrow container made of plastic or soft metal and closed at one end, that you press between your fingers in order to push out the soft substance that is inside a tube of toothpaste4 in your body [countable]HB a tube-shaped part inside your body the bronchial tubes5 the tube6 go down the tubes7 the tube8 electrical equipment [countable] technicalAMT the part of a television that produces the picture on the screen syn cathode ray tube
Examples from the Corpus
tubeCasey is twenty yards from Balham tube station.The wave spiralled forwards into a flawless but bone-crushing tube.Fallopian tubesThe mere presence of tubes turned the MITerminator 3 cables to a brittle mess.Sedimenting particles in the horizontal-head centrifuge must travel the entire length of the liquid in the tube.Additionally, when a horizontal-head centrifuge stops. the tubes fall from the horizontal to the vertical position.In the female this tube is broader than in the male.Briefly, a vertical tube turned a blank glass eye on him and Ezra and the glass eye contemplated each other.